Video: What is a Section 341 meeting?

Whenever there is any type of a bankruptcy filing, whether it's a Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or a Chapter 13 case, there will be something called a bankruptcy creditor meeting. At this creditor meeting, the debtor, the person or business that files the bankruptcy is required to attend the meeting. It is not in a courtroom, bankruptcy judge is not permitted to attend the creditor meeting. Who does attend the creditor meeting generally is the trustee appointed in the case as well as the debtor and all creditors of the debtor are invited to attend.The debtor is sworn under oath, there is a recording of what happens at the creditor meeting, and questions are asked of the debtor. For example, what caused you to file bankruptcy? How do you hope to get out of bankruptcy? How do you hope to avoid having to file a future bankruptcy? Creditors to the extent that they appear at this creditor meeting are allowed to ask the debtor any questions about their debt and why it wasn't paid.