Employment Law

Employment law includes the laws and regulations governing all employer/employee relations—except the negotiation process, which is covered by labor law and collective bargaining.  Employment law also includes:

  • Wage and Hour Requirements and Claims – Employer
  • EEOC Claims – Employer
  • DOL Compliance and Claims – Employer
  • FMLA Compliance and Claims – Employer

Many complex rules and regulations

Employment practices, procedures, and penalties are highly regulated by state and federal governments.  Employment law has an extensive body of rules and regulations.  It also has a long history of legal cases and constantly evolving precedents.  As such, any business—sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation—should seek legal counsel to handle all its employment issues.

We know the questions to ask.  We know the law.   We know the remedies.

Behar, Gutt, & Glazer, P.A. can advise and assist you with handling any potential employment law issues.  We know how to assist you in navigating what can be very treacherous waters.