Probate is the court-supervised process of identifying and gathering the assets of a person that has passed away, paying that person’s debts and distributing the balance to their beneficiaries.

Not all estates require probate. Probate administration only applies to probate assets. Probate assets are the assets that were owned by the decedent in his or her sole name at the time of death.

If an individual had assets in their sole name at the time of death, a Probate administration will need to be opened in the county where the decedent lived and a Personal Representative(s) will need to be appointed. A Personal Representative is the person or persons with legal authority to administer an estate in court. The Personal Representative is required to be represented by an attorney.

As attorneys that represent Personal Representatives in Probate administrations we take our roles seriously. The death of a loved one is traumatic enough without the added financial pressures and frustrating time delays. That is why we at Behar, Gutt & Glazer pay special attention to administering Estates as quickly and efficiently as possible while being thorough and compliant with Florida law. Our experienced staff enables us to navigate a complex and overburdened system to make the process as simple and affordable as possible for our clients.

Additionally, should litigation ensue, we at Behar, Gutt & Glazer, have seasoned litigation attorneys who can handle all aspects of a contested Probate matter including Will contests and claims against Estates.