Behar, Gutt, & Glazer, P.A. represents both debtors and creditors in the bankruptcy environment.

I. Debtors

Getting debt under control

The Federal Bankruptcy Code is designed to assist companies and individuals when their debt load becomes so unmanageable that the company or individual cannot find any other method of handling the debt.

The Bankruptcy Code is not simple

Different chapters of the Bankruptcy Code are designed to provide different types of bankruptcy protection. For example:

  • Chapter 11 allows for reorganization. It is available to any business, whether it is a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship. Although it is primarily used by corporate entities, it is also available to individuals.
  • Chapter 7 governs the process of a liquidation bankruptcy for businesses and individuals.
  • Chapter 13 provides for a reorganization process for individuals only.

Declaring bankruptcy or reorganization is a difficult decision

The decision to file for bankruptcy protection is often stressful and extremely difficult.  However, seeking bankruptcy protection can be an important financial tool.  The complexity of the bankruptcy law require sound advice and assistance in making the decision and navigating the bankruptcy process.

Behar, Gutt & Glazer, P.A. listens to your concerns and take the necessary time to analyze your issues to provide sound counsel and relief based upon your unique circumstances.  These are among the questions that need to be answered before any decision is made on how to proceed:

  • Should my company or I file for bankruptcy?
  • What are the different types of bankruptcy?
  • What happens after filing bankruptcy?

Our firm has the experience and expertise to assist you in answering these questions.

Act quickly before your situation worsens

Our bankruptcy attorneys know how time sensitive bankruptcy and debt matters can be. Our firm is equipped to provide clients an immediate consultation and file emergency petitions as necessary in order to help you obtain a swift resolution and a fresh start.

Prior to meeting with us, you may be asked to fill out our bankruptcy questionnaire. You can download our Personal Bankruptcy Questionnaire or our Business Bankruptcy Questionnaire here. Both are available in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.

We are a debt relief agency.

We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code.

II. Creditors

Behar, Gutt & Glazer, P.A. also represents creditors in bankruptcy matters such representation includes financial institutions, secured creditors, and landlords. There can be nothing more frustrating than going unpaid for the honest goods and/or services you have provided. It can be time-consuming and expensive. Not all companies are equipped to handle long-term receivables. If you are trying to collect from an individual or organization that is in the process of filing for bankruptcy, you are well-advised to seek counsel from the attorneys at Behar, Gutt & Glazer, P.A.

Our firm’s representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings includes filing proofs of claim, objecting to the debtor’s discharge, objecting to dischargeability of debt, seeking relief from the bankruptcy automatic stay, and seeking orders requiring payment of administrative rent. The firm also represents creditors’ committees and petitioning creditors in filing involuntary bankruptcy petitions.

If you are uncertain about your rights as a creditor in bankruptcy proceedings, the attorneys at Behar, Gutt & Glazer, P.A. are available to provide immediate assistance and counsel.