If you are owed money, you should get timely payment

It is an unfortunate fact of life that some people or companies will not pay their bills.  You can send second and third notices and yet payment does not arrive.  If you or your company experience a delinquent or unpaid receivable, Behar, Gutt & Glazer, P.A. can help you.

You should not suffer because someone else was irresponsible

The initial stages of collection are the most crucial in dealing with bad debt.  We have years of experience in handling these issues and know what processes work most effectively—instead of sending demand letter after demand letter.  Our attorneys are dedicated to serving you quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

We can help you get what you are owed

In today’s economic climate, you cannot allow your business to suffer cash flow problems as a result of someone’s unwillingness to pay.  Behar, Gutt & Glazer, P.A. has various fee schedules that can be discussed.   Together we can find what works best for you to resolve your collection issues.